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William Gozy Parade Rescheduled for May 5th

The 2nd Annual William Gozy Parade has been reschedule for Friday, May 5th, from 1:45 p.m. to 2:45 p.m., according to NHS Advisor Mrs. Jami Massie.

The parade is 1.6 miles and will start and end at the CHS student parking lot, extending to 2nd Street in between.

"It's open to any Chillicothe City School District student and staff, and then there will be businesses and the community will participate as well -- they make signs and posters and they'll stand along the streets," said Massie.

William Gozy is an online freshman student who was diagnosed with Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome, which is a rare disease that reduces immune response.

Last year, Massie led the charge for a scholarship to be granted to a Chillicothe High School NHS senior under the name of William Gozy. This year, the scholarship was granted to Ally Alderman.

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