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Chillicothe High School's Class of 2022 Senior Superlatives

Mr. and Miss Cavalier: Carson Francis and Kendall Cheek

Biggest Flirts: Jaiden Cain and Abby Wiley

Best Smiles: Xzavier Doss and Kailey Doughty

Best Dressed: Jack Huggins and Claudine Noel

Best Hair: Tylin Scales and Paris Brown

Should Have Been A Couple: Jakob Workman and Kailey Doughty

Most Athletic: Michael Lapurga and Emma Fromm

Most Artistic/Musical: Micah Thompson and Allison Gozy

Best Personality: Sam Park and Carleigh Wagner

Worst Case of Senioritis: Michael Miller and Alizye Clemmons

Class Clown: Chucky Thomas and Karah Angus

Attached At The Hip: Carleigh Wagner and Rebecca Coffey

Best Eyes: Evan Friend and Ady Pabst

Best Car: Ashton Ross and Maylee Young

Worst Car: Hayden McGee and Emma Barnes

Most Changed: Jakob Workman and Celeste Young

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