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Students & Staff celebrated with Cavs of the Week recognition

Chillicothe High School is rewarding positive actions with pizza. According to Principal Dustin Weaver, Cavs of the Week is part of the PBIS program.

"It’s a program in which we state behavioral expectations and we reward students when they meet those expectations," Weaver said.

Specifically, teachers may give a student a "Cavs Have" slip that they can put in a drawing for a pizza. The slips state the student's name and the positive action the teacher wanted to recognize.

"Each week, we have two middle school students and two high school students, as well as a staff member, who win a free pizza by showing either compassion, accountability, voice, or spirit," Weaver said.

The winners are announced through the PA system on Friday mornings and winners enjoy a large Papa John's pizza during that day's lunch.

"We have so many students who do things right all the time and those students deserve recognition," he said.

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