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Cavalier Students March for William Gozy

On Monday, October 18th, Chillicothe High School students marched through downtown Chillicothe and Yoctangee Park to raise awareness and support for Chillicothe Middle School student William Gozy.

In July, William was diagnosed with Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome. This incredibly rare disease increases the risk of cancer and reduces immune response. In addition to Nijmegen Breakage Syndrome, William recently went through his second round of chemotherapy for lymphoma, according to Chillicothe High School French teacher and National Honor Society Advisor Jami Eckle.

William was able to participate as he rode in a vehicle with his family and sister, CHS senior Allison Gozy, behind the firetruck that led the parade.

Eckle (seen below, in sunglasses) organized the parade. NHS members created signs, banners, and posters for the event. Eckle and NHS also sold Cavs Care t-shirts to raise awareness and funds to donate towards William's treatment.

In addition, freshman Ron Oyer brought his Columbus club hockey team, the Prowlers, to the parade and encouraged them to make posters and march alongside the Cavalier community.

As a result of all the students, staff, and families who participated, just under three thousand dollars were raised for William and the Gozy family.

"Since the parade, William is almost back to pre-chemo weight and his spirits are high," said Eckle.

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