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Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Surratt

Thao Nguyen interviewed Chillicothe High School teacher Katey Surratt earlier this week.

Q: What do you teach?

A: I teach Language Arts I, II, and III.

Q: Do you have a pet?

A: Yes, a mastiff/American bulldog named Toby!

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: I went to Ohio University.

Q: Why did you become a teacher?

A: I love literature/writing and think it has the power to change people’s lives. I want to share that with my students.

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: I enjoy golfing, making art, and going to concerts!

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: I am basic and love Chipotle.

Q: What is your pet peeve?

A: My pet peeve is when people hate on Taylor Swift for writing songs about her exes. Have they even listened to “All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) (From the Vault)? It’s a masterpiece.

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