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Spring E-Sports Recap

The Chillicothe High School E-Sports recently began its spring season. Coach Sean Vamos submitted the following recaps for each specific team:

Fortnite: "Our first game was a 1-2 loss to Claymont High with Antonio clutching a 1v2. We then had a BYE week. Unfortunately, we then lost to Kilbourne, yesterday, 0-3. They are last season's state champs, though, so it was a tough game!"

Smash Bros.: "We won our first match against Pickerington North, 4-1. Our second match against McClain had to be rescheduled and we, unfortunately, took our very first loss ever against newcomers John Glenn last week. We are facing off against Tri-State STEM tomorrow, though, who we have beaten in the past!"

Valorant: "Our first match against Olentangy, we tied! Second match against Dublin Coffman did not go so well, though, as we lost 0-2. Our third match was a BYE, however. Things are looking better than last season under new captain, Dade Good!"

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