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Quiz Bowl Season Comes to an End

Chillicothe High School's Quiz Bowl season ended this past Saturday.

"The Varsity team played 7 matches ending with a record of 3-4.," said Advisor Kristen Early. "We entered the tournament 5th, and that's where we stayed."

Early noted that there were many highlights from the tournament at McClain High School.

-We shut out McClain, beating them 400-0.

-Isaac Crawford was recognized as 1st team top scorer coming in as the 5th highest scorer in the league before tournament play. By the end of the tournament, Isaac was the 2nd highest scorer in the league with a combined point total of 915.

-The second-highest scorer on the team was Madison Gothard with 440 points. She made the top 15 of all scorers. 

-Lucas Parks had a great day of scoring, earning 50 of the points in the match against McClain.

-Carly Lake and Hendrix Meyers switched at the half all day and worked as a great team. These two offered integral support especially on bonuses, with Hendrix getting all 3 bonus questions in one set on his own. 

-Kirsten Campos and Ellie Austin brought spirit and support to the day; they are outstanding teammates.

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