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Marching Cavaliers Deemed Superior at State

The Marching Cavaliers earned a Superior rating at the OMEA State Contest at Piqua High School, Sunday.

The band performed a show entitled From the Frontier, played "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," "Cotton-Eye Joe," "Jolene," and "The Devil Went Down to Georgia."

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"We have a really strong senior class this year with a lot of really good soloists, and I think when we were planning the show with those soloists in mind we just thought that it had the potential to be so much fun," said Mrs. Michelle Turon, Director of Bands.

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According to Turon, the band began working on their competition show in July and continued with practice after school Mondays through Thursdays, Friday-night performances at football games, and weekends at competitions and parades. That dedication was seen through the band's 65 members, which was a combination of winds, percussionists, and color guard members.

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"They put in a lot of work throughout the season that (took) us to where we are now," said Turon, who also noted that the band doubled in size compared to last year.

Additionally, she said it was the first time the that the Marching Cavaliers received a Superior rating (also known as a "1") in 20 years, but Turon knew there was something special about this group all along.

In fact, she cited a great performance at the conclusion of their band camp and the fact that the Marching Cavaliers earned a Superior at their first competition of the season.

"We'd never done that before," said Turon, "so at that point, we felt very early on that we could be Superior at state."

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