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Flush for A Safe After-Prom

Area business fronts and household yards are getting adorned with blue Cavalier toilets but for a good cause. Each year, Chillicothe High School's A Safe After-Prom program raises money for after-prom activities and food.

"They have a toilet decorated in Cavalier blue, and they move it around to different yards. People pay to have the toilet transported to their friends or people in the community," said Julie Preston, school resource officer and member of the A Safe After-Prom program.

Those whose yards have been flushed are asked to donate for a service to have the yard ornament removed.


  • $20 - Toilet is removed within 4 days.

  • $30 - Toilet is removed by the next day.

  • $40 - Toilet is removed by the next day, and it will never return.

  • $50 - Toilet is removed, delivered to a location of your choice, and it will never return.

Anyone who would like to "flush" someone's yard may text or call 740.703.4510. Payments are accepted via cash or check (payable to A Safe After-Prom).

Preston said the program tries to raise about $10,000 each year.

Contributions by Alexis Carroll, Haley Laughlin, Finley Folden, & Seth Strawser.

Photo of CHS Principal Matt Ballentine from A Safe After-Prom's Facebook page.

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