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Class Speaker Submissions Accepted through March 15th

Chillicothe High School is seeking its annual class speaker. Last week, Asley Centeno-Lopez interviewed Mrs. Jessica Orr about the CHS Class Speaker.

Q: Which students get to speak at graduation?

A: Every year, the Valedictorian, Salutatorian, and one other graduate speaks at graduation.

Q: What are the time constraints and where do people submit their speeches for consideration?

A: Speeches should be between three and five minutes in length, and those wishing to submit a speech can do so on the Google Form posted in the Class of 2023 Google Classroom.

Q: Who picks the winning speech, and what is the selection based on?

A: The winning speech is chosen by a committee of teachers. Typically, the teachers read the speeches without knowing who wrote them, and rank them in order of their favorite speech to least favorite speech. I ask the teachers to consider which speech best represents what the graduating class experienced, which speech will be most memorable, and which speech would most resonate with the graduates.

Q: How many students usually apply to be class speaker each year?

A:Typically, we only have a few submissions for the class speaker. Last year, only three students submitted speeches for consideration.

According to Mrs. Orr, the deadline to submit a speech for consideration is March 15th, and students will be notified of whether their speech was chosen by March 31st.

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