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  • Evan Friend & Ryan Blum

CHS Swim Returns for 2021-2022 Season

As winter approaches, the Cavalier Swim Team takes the pool again. Hoping to return to Districts for another consecutive year and push through to the State Invitational, the team must push through a major hurdle.

Since Chillicothe High School does not have its own pool facility, the Cavaliers must share the Ross County YMCA's pool with Zane Trace High School, meaning that both teams have shortened time in the pool compared to previous years. To overcome this set-back and add to the training regimen, Cavaliers Swim Coach Jennifer Hayburn has organized weight-lifting sessions for the team.

Last year, swimmers Jake Byrd, Ryan Blum, Andrew Fowler, Michael Lapurga, Evan Siberell, Danielle Fleurima, Maddie Schafer, Sydney Wissler, and Isabella Fischer all qualified for the District Invitational at Bowling Green State University. Fleurima, Siberell, and Wissler, who graduated in the Class of 2021, now swim at the collegiate level.

Returning swimmers Byrd, Blum, Fowler, Lapurga, and Fischer hope to lead their teams to FAC titles and send many swimmers to Districts this year.

Photo by Mr. Roger Blum.

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