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CHS Class Play set as interactive murder mystery, dinner theatre

Chillicothe High School's Senior Class Play has been announced. An interactive murder mystery by Eileen Moushey, Critical Review will be performed at 6 p.m. on March 24th & 25th at CHS.

"Critical Review is about a woman named Selma. She's a critic, and she's actually from here in Chillicothe, and she has given some pretty bad reviews," said Amanda Betz, CHS English Language Arts teacher and theatre director. "She shows up to a banquet where they're going to give her a Lifetime Achievement Award, and she ends up being murdered by one of the people who she's criticized."

Betz said that the killer will be somebody different on each night as there are multiple endings with the audience voting for the guilty party and determining which ending will be acted out.

According to Betz, seniors are featured in the major roles: Allison Lutz as Selma, Ally Alderman as Giselle, Murielle Ngalle as Olga, Anushka Sharma as Officer Rocky, and Taysia Yusuf as Babs.

"It's kind of like an escape room, but it's a theatrical production at the same time, so you have to solve puzzles as an audience member and you have to try to figure out who you think did it, so it's going to be cool, " Betz said.

Tickets are $18 in advance via and will include the meal of pasta, salad, bread, dessert, and beverage.

Contributions from Mason Siberell, Simone Fleurima, Grace Otterbacher, and Asley Centeno Lopez.

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