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CHS Announcements (4.5.2023)

  • Today is the last day to purchase a prom ticket! Those who would like to buy a prom ticket may do so from Miss Clark in Room 229 from 7:30 to 8:10 a.m. and during class change today!

  • C-Section shirts are in! Stop by the CHS Main Office and get your shirt from Ms. Joy Dunn if you signed up for C-Section in the fall.

  • Please follow the Chillicothe High School baseball program on Instagram @chillicothecavsbaseball!

  • Need prom attire? If so, Project Glam can help! We can schedule a time for you to "shop" for your favorite items, and you'll be ready to go! Remember, items are on loan until right after the dance. To learn more, email Mrs. Graves at!

  • Happy birthday to Draley Brown, Lauren Caldwell, Auna Howe, and Addie Jayne Smith!

  • Happy early birthday to Kiera Archer, Kiana Jennings, Landon Ramey, Bella Riffe, Catie Sherman, Ashley Tracy, Malachi Brown, Chloe Jones, Kerri Wiggins, Alexis Akers, Eliyjah Dotson, Marcellus Harris, Nyanna Hatfield, Breanna Mumaw, Tristan Dailey, Morgan Earwood, Isabella Fischer, Kaylee Poole, and Rockwell Schumaker!

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