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Chillicothe High School's 2023 Senior Superlatives

The Class of 2023 voted for its Senior Superlatives last week, and here are the results:

Mr. Cavalier - Jacob Byrd

Miss Cavalier - Paige Huggins

Biggest Flirt - Maxwell Lee & Madison Harrod

Best Smile - Trevor Banks & Isabella Fischer

Best Dressed - Aiden Spaulding & Simone Fleurima

Best Hair - Aaron Valentine & Avery Brown

Should Have Been a Couple - Chris Beatty & Paige Downing

Most Athletic - Tre King & Jacey Harding

Most Artistic - Jesse Saxour & Ally Alderman

Best Personality - Josh Beverly & Olivia Beatty

Worst Case of Senioritis - Preston Crawford & Julie Lemaster

Class Clown - Tristin Kuntz & Rhiley Sayers

Attached at the Hip - Danny Bentley & Bella Woods

Best Eyes - Mason Siberell & Serenity Mendenhall

Best Car - Schylar Srey & Carden Cutright

Worst Car - Michael Hicks & Paige Osborne

Most Changed - Hayden Hatmacher, Julia Janes, & Anushka Sharma

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