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Chillicothe High School Beta Club Adds to Membership

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

The Beta Club added multiple Chillicothe High School students into its membership; however, the induction ceremony was postponed due to technical issues caused by a power outage earlier in the day.

Beta Club promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, service and leadership. Members also have to have gpa of a 3.0 or higher, good behavior (nothing worse than a lunch detention), at least 10 hours of community service every semester, and attend Beta Club meetings.

2021-2022 Inductees:

Caleb Barfield, Christopher Beatty, James Beatty, Olivia Beatty, Avery Brown, Jacob Byrd, Yanling Chen, Yuequin Chen, Andrea Cougill, Talyn Doss, Isabella Fischer, Andrew Fowler, Carson Francis,

Trevor Goldsberry, Madison Gothard, Meghan Gothard, Allison Gozy, Meryl Haller, Maddie Howard, Noah Jones, Thomas Kessler, Jerica Knickerbocker, Jacob Lemaster, Julianna Lemaster, Siri Lincke, Lucy Lloyd, Verona Lundy, Ali Mathis, Matthew McCorkle, Adaline Mendel, Sophie Mickey, Liliana Mitchell, AJ Noel, Lucas Parks, Asher Pendell, Kayla Penn, Melinda Primm, Gabe Ramsey, Abby Richardson, Addie Smith, R'eonna Smith, Benjamin Southers, Aiden Spaulding, Mikayla Spaulding, Evelyn Vitatoe, Jesslynn Wachovec, Eden Wagner, Madison Ward, Haley Wiget, Nathan Woodbridge, and James Whitaker.

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