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Cavalier Boy's Swim Team Triumphs in FAC Championships

After a long and hard-fought season, the Cavalier Boy’s Swim Team triumphed against all teams in the Frontier Athletic Conference at Greenfield McClain, reclaiming the league title and sending their top swimmers onto sectionals.

Winning events for the Cavs were: 200-yard medley relay (Ryan Blum, Michael Lapurga, Andrew Fowler, and Jake Byrd), 200-yard freestyle (Jake Byrd), 200-yard individual medley (Andrew Fowler), 100-yard butterfly (Andrew Fowler), 100-yard freestyle (Ryan Blum), 500-yard freestyle (Jake Byrd), 100-yard backstroke (Ryan Blum), 100-yard breaststroke (Michael Lapurga), and the 400-yard freestyle relay (Thomas Kessler, Andrew Fowler, Ryan Blum, Jake Byrd)

The top individual scorers for the boy’s were: Ryan Blum, Jake Byrd, Andrew Fowler, Michael Lapurga, Thomas Kessler, Aidan Montgomery, and Evan Friend.

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