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Two Chillicothe students make OMEA All-State Choir

By Alexis Carroll

A couple of students have been accepted into a prestigious state choir - one as a member and the other as an alternate.

According to Chillicothe High School Choral Director Mala Kennard, CHS senior Jerica Knickerbocker was accepted into the Ohio Music Education Association All-State Choir as a soprano.

Knickerbocker is the daughter of Paul and Kathleen Knickerbocker and is a member of all three select choirs at CHS, Sound FX, Symphonic Choir (where she is a co-section leader), and Cavalites Show Choir where she serves as section leader.

Kennard also said that CHS senior Gaby Hawk was selected as a soprano alternate to the All-State Choir.

Hawk is the daughter of Allen and Jessica Hawk and is a member of all three select choirs, Mrs. Kennard's teacher's assistant, co-section leader in Symphonic Choir, and a section leader in Cavalites.

"The All-State Choir members were selected by an audio audition process and will have over 100 members," said Kennard. "Jerica is the first Chillicothe High School choir member chosen in quite some time."

Kennard said that the All-State Choir will perform as part of the OMEA's State Conference on Saturday, February 5th, 2021, at the Cleveland Convention Center under the baton of Jo-Michael Scheibe, who chairs the Thornton School of Music's department of Choral and Sacred Music at the University of Southern California.

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