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CHS Juniors win Homecoming Hallway Decorating Contest

The Class of 2024 won the Homecoming Hallway Decorating contest with an average score of 28 points, Monday. Each year, the various CHS grade levels decorate the hallways the weekend ahead of Homecoming.

Following the Homecoming theme "The Cities that Never Sleep," Juniors decorated the hallways as the streets of Paris.

Coming in second place was the Sophomore Class with an average of 27.71 points; they decorated the hallway as London.

Seniors with 27.57 points came in third, decorating as the city of Tokyo.

Freshman with 20.86 points came in forth, decorating the hallways as the city of New York.

The Middle School also participated decorating the hallways as Mexico City.

Photos by Thao Nguyen and Tessa Harwell.

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