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CHS Announcements | 3.13.2023

  • The lacrosse team is holding a shoot-out fundraiser! During Meet the Team on Wednesday, spectators can cast $1 votes to see either Mr. Keirns, Mr. Strong, Mr. Weaver, Mrs. Oyer, or Ms. Mickey compete against Coach Allen Hawk!

  • Attention, lacrosse players! Check your school email for information from Mrs. George about recording a line-up video! Details are in the email that was sent on March 6th!

  • Students, mark your calendars! There will be a dodgeball tournament at CHS on Wednesday! Cost is $5 per person or $35 per team. There is also a $1 fee for spectators, but students can use their remaining bathroom passes to be admitted for free!

  • College & Career Readiness Opportunities: Learn more about the Trade Institute during lunch today; the Army/Army Reserve during lunch on March 29th!

  • Happy birthday Brennon Clay, Taylor Cummings, CJ Moore, and Gabriel Tanner!

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