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CHS Cavs of the Month

Cavs of the Month - February

Darius Ragland, Kaylee Caplinger, TJ Barr, Alex Erslan, Ashley Su, Indika Strausbaugh, Asley Centeno Lopez, Sophie Knapp, Isaac Herlihy, Ben Southers, Kerri Wiggins, Jesse Fornash, Fred Meyers, Eryca Sommers, Klayton Hollis, Alina Jenkins, Nyanna Hatfield, Alexa Clark, Ella Strauch, Caleb Hines, and Tevaughn Beatty

Cavs of the Month - March

Hannah Harrington, Sam Parker, Augie Lake, Darius Ragland, Bella Blankenship, Steven Richardson, Sophie Knapp, Haven Holmes, Masion Jones, Ella Strauch, Kerri Wiggins, Solomon Dixon, Taysia Yusuf, Thomas Kessler, Britton Rooney, and Haylee Light.

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