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Chillicothe Boys Tennis Team Wins Conference Title

The Chillicothe Boys Tennis team, under Coach Chuck Halm, earned the Frontier Athletic Conference title after earning a (7-1) record.

Chillicothe sophomore Kaiden Koch was named the FAC's Player of the Year, while freshman Asher Pendell and junior Colin Halm were also named First Team All FAC.

First Team All FAC:

Kaiden Koch - Chillicothe - Player of the Year

Asher Pendell - Chillicothe

Colin Halm - Chillicothe

Jacob Pettit - Hillsboro

Landon Smith - Jackson

Ethan Crabreee - Jackson

Blake Bagheri - Washington CH

Garrett DeWees - Washington CH

Drew Ferguson - Washington CH

Final Team Standings:

1st - Chillicothe (7-1)

2nd -Washington CH (6-2)

3rd - Jackson (5-3)

4th - Miami Trace (4-4)

5th - Hillsboro (2-6)

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