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Student Sports Spirit Section Returns to CHS

By Evan Friend

As sporting events open up and fans start returning to the stands, the Chillicothe C-Section is back in action, just as eager to cheer on our sports teams as previous years. Last year, C-Section was cancelled due to COVID-19, and this year, coronavirus is still a concern.

"Biggest concern I have this year is COVID-related. Especially when we are indoors. Students can't be required to wear masks to school and not wear them in the C-section. And wear them correctly. Other teams' fans notice. Parents notice. The community notices. If we have a picture in the paper of our C-section not wearing masks right indoors, how is that going to look when we require students to wear them at school daily?" wrote Dustin Weaver, assistant principal at Chillicothe High School.

A second concern is that the C-Section represents CHS in a positive way.

"That means many things. No profanity, no chants that reflect poorly. Positively and effusively cheering on our players," said Weaver.

C-Section is a tradition that earned its name in 2015, according to Weaver.

"The student cheering section has been at CHS as long as I can remember, definitely when I was a student-athlete from 1996 - 1999," said Weaver. "It was pretty wild and well populated back then - with face painting, a student who ran a Cavalier flag up and down the track to get the crowd pumped up, a person dressed up as the Cavalier, signs, etc. Loud and raucous. Big."

Students who would like to join C-Section pay a $30 fee. C-Section members receive free admission to all home, non-tournament games, as well as two t-shirts.

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