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2022 Chillicothe HS Teacher Superlatives

Chillicothe's Class of 2022 has voted on its second-annual Teacher Superlatives. The superlatives, conducted by Senior Class President Emma Barnes as part of her senior project, were released on Tuesday.

Most likely to have a new hair style/color - Ms. Megan Clark

Most likely to win Jeopardy - Mr. Josh Queen

Most likely to pack their bags and travel the world - Ms. Jami Eckle

Most likely to win a rap battle - Mr. Eric Huffer

Most school spirit - Mr. Greg Phillips

Most likely to be called mom/dad - Mrs. Amy Groff & Mr. Travis Keirns

Attached at the hip - Mrs. Amy Groff & Mr. Josh Queen

Best dressed - Mr. Milton Dean

Most likely to take a student's phone - Mrs. Kyla Shope

Most likely to be mistaken for a student - Ms. Michelle Carpenter

Best smile - Mrs. Lori Mathis

Funniest teacher - Mr. Michael Richardson

Gives the most homework - Mrs. Chris Baird/Mrs. Jessica Orr

Gives the least amount of homework - Mr. Brad Batson

Most likely to tell stories during class - Ms. Bridget Black

Best beard - Mr. Sean Vamos

Puts everything in ProgressBook on time - Mrs. Chris Baird

Most likely to survive an apocalypse - Mr. Brian Lewis

Best classroom - Mrs. Vanessa George

Looks most like a celebrity - Mr. Chris Constable as Yung Gravy & Mr. Forbes Hammon as Brad Pitt

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